Amy Nohales-Kezes Fine Art
Acrylic and Oil Paintings


(posted on 1 May 2020)

Recently became Active Member of the FEDERATION OF CANADIANARTISTS in the Victoria and Vancouver Chapter! 

Also her work entitled  "Grizzlies Fishing" was submitted and accepted in the 2020 "ANIMALIS" Art Exhibition.

" Animalis".

(posted on 6 Apr 2020)

Over the last year or two have continued producing new original paintings in all categories and become officially a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

At this time have included a new category of works, the Little Treasures, al loriginal creations in smaller caanvases in more compact sizes, that can be placed practically anywhere.

Looking forward to the Summers'  colourful season. 

Hope you enjoy the "Virtual" visit and would appreciate your comments!

(posted on 29 Feb 2016)

Greetings to all. Hope you like the new and varied content. Feel free to send us some feedback and if you are interested in any of the paintings let us know.

Will try to provide regular details of our artistic developments.

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